Choosing The Right Diamond Jeweller To Buy Your Diamond Ring

Tips for Buying Ideal Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most challenging tasks men go through in Singapore and around the world. Sure enough, shopping for the perfect fit is a concern that many people have during engagement proposals.

Below are some concepts and advice to keep while shopping for that shiny bling from some of the best diamond jewelers in Singapore.

1. Consider maximum amount you could afford

The term 4Cs of diamond is closely associated with diamond for a reason. The 4Cs stand for clarity, cut, color, and carat. Even before selecting an appropriate ring, it is vital to note that most Singapore diamond jewelers measure and rate their diamond rings carats.

A 0.4 to 0.6 carat ideal cut diamond engagement ring, for instance, can go for as much as $3,000 or $5000. Therefore, understanding the different ranges in pricing for the diamond ring is important, especially in Singapore.

2. Find the Ideal Cut Diamond through Carat Range

Ideal cut diamond in Singapore focuses on the carat weight of the diamond. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, it is important to note that the Singapore diamond jewelers range the prices of the ring through its weight.

Bigger diamond rings require higher gemstone weight, meaning that carats in a heavier diamond ring are more expensive than in smaller rings.

One useful tip to remember while seeking the ideal carat range is to choose between the ranges 0.3 and 0.5 carats. Since selecting a fitting engagement ring requires approximation to size, the carat range provides a beautiful ideally cut diamond ring that is of proportional size and price for the buyer.

Also, a buyer might not need to sacrifice on the size of the diamond ring but on the carat weight. In such cases, the buyer could find an appropriate diamond jewellery Singapore who understands craftsmanship to buy a moderate sized diamond engagement ring without compromising on its size.

3. Select the Most Effective Singapore Diamond Jeweller

Many Singapore diamond jewelers offer first-class services to their customers. Even though the price may differ from one jeweler to another, the services offered build on their reputation. Thus, selecting the appropriate diamond jeweler in the region could prove tricky. However, with proper guidance, the process gets elaborate and clear.


For a buyer on a budget looking for an appropriate jeweler, organizations like Lovis Diamonds or JannPaul are always open and eager to serve new customers.

Since the organizations are relatively new compared to others with generational lineage, they offer their customers better and cheaper services to promote customer retention. Therefore, if you are a buyer looking for affordable yet unique engagement diamond ring without compromising on quality, you can try them out.

Organizations like Lee Hwa and Soo Kee, on the other hand, focus on legacy and reputation. The diamond jewelers in the firms, thus, produce top-notch engagement diamond rings. The buyer looking to spend a handsome amount on an engagement ring, hence, can check on the mentioned Singapore diamond jewelers.

Another common approach used to buy an ideal cut diamond ring in Singapore is through online shopping. The initiative has both its advantages and disadvantages. For the buyer on a tight budget, online shopping could be the best option since, in most cases, the buyer can save even up to 50% of the price tag offered by various jewelers.

On the other hand, the buyer misses out on the buying experience. The view of a diamond ring before ones eyes is incomparable to that of shopping the diamond ring online. That added to the fact that the buyer must pay for the product before seeing it increases the risks of using the approach. The buyer can also benefit to remember that if the ring does not fit once received, he has no option but to find a local Singapore diamond jeweler to help with resizing the diamond engagement ring.

4. Paying for The Engagement Ring

As a buyer, it is important to stay within your means when budgeting and purchasing a diamond engagement ring. Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the most expensive purchases many people make in a lifetime.

Thus, if the buyer already saved up for the purchase, they can go ahead and pay the amount upfront. However, buyers also have the option of paying through credit cards or loans.

Watch the below video before you pay for the diamond ring to avoid falling into the tricks some unethical jewellers use. Enjoy your hunt for your perfect diamond engagement ring!